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1. Motel Accounting (Motelset.exe) *Updated  12/8/2005 12:12:57 PM

2. Motel Accounting Update (Motel.exe) *Updated  10/20/2020 1:36:37 PM

               Important Note: Copy Motel.exe into your Installed folder

3. New Lobby Check-In Software (NewLobby.exe) *Updated  9/18/2008 12:56:06 PM

4. New Lobby Update (Lobby.exe) *Updated  9/19/2020 9:33:08 PM
         Important Note: Copy Lobby.exe into your Installed folder

         Note: Download & Install PDFsetup  for PDF reports. (Formatted & easy to read  reports)

         Please read this after PDFsetup Installation.


         *Must install first to use Newlobby installed before 10/18/2005 


7. PDFsetup for free PDF generator, use with lobby program to generate PDF reports for e-mail.

       Download & Install for PDF report generation

       Note: Please read this after PDFsetup Installation.

8.  "Meeting Room Planner" Setup *Updated 02/08/2005

9.  "Meeting Room Planner" Update *Updated 02/08/2005

10. Payroll Management Setup *Updated

11. Payroll Mamagement Update   *Updated

12. Click to Download MSVBNM50.DLL   *Place this file in c:\windows\system32

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